Home Re-Modeling Trends for 2015


Budgets for home remodeling projects and upgrading their living spaces get bigger as ideas become more personal and resale value with these projects comes into consideration. Fairfield County homeowners are looking to invest in their homes with various remodeling efforts from updating bathrooms, kitchen areas and expanding master suite closet areas.


Below you will find a listing of current trends in our area:


1. Bathroom budgets are going up as home owners pay for luxury bathrooms with a remodel job.


2. People are starting to put in a nicer master shower space and leaving the tub out or as a separate stand-alone item. Walk in showers with large rain head faucet’s and hand held sprayers are a new trend. Also fiberglass is out and tile is the must have item for both shower and floors.


3. Homeowners are either opting out of a tub option or simply offering a freestanding tub as an option with a bathroom remodeling job. A contemporary basin tub rather than whirlpool or fiberglass tubs.


4. Gray is the new beige for both kitchens and bathrooms. Gray is becoming the new modern standard for walls, cabinets and tile. It’s the new neutral color that has been playing out for the last few months yet, is expected to continue throughout 2015.


5. Homeowners are searching for custom cabinetry for kitchen space. This has become a more frequent option. Customizing your kitchen space with custom cabinetry will help you optimize the area and make every inch fully functioning.


6. Stainless steel appliances and granite counter tops are still high on demand. Yet, often custom cabinets are made to match the cabinets if the overall look of stainless isn’t wanted. Countertops are more than 80% granite in all new remodeling jobs. Offering a great look and overall durability into a home.


7. Another popular trend would be a master suite with walk-in closet space. People are buying more clothing and look for a room to display the clothing and use it as a changing area.


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10 Kitchen Trends in Fairfield County


We’ve been doing a lot of kitchen remodeling in Fairfield County this past year. I wanted to share some trends that seem to be the most popular.


Open Shelving.  Homeowners are embracing the opportunity to showcase pretty dishes and easy access to bowls and containers with open shelving in a kitchen.


Two Color Custom Cabinetry.  A kitchen island cabinet and surrounding cabinets can look different with darker colors on the bottom, making the kitchen space feel more grounded and offering a separate eating area from the kitchen based on color. Overall it’s a uniformed look with the same kitchen cabinets and hardware yet, the coloring of the cabinets is different where you eat. It’s a stylish way to give a kitchen a new yet, consistent look.


Tile to the Ceiling. One of our most favorite looks is having the featured back splash area become a feature wall of tile that goes straight up to the ceiling and can also wrap around windows. It’s decorative and offers function and texture to a room.


Brass Fixtures. Overall stainless is still the hottest accessory for a kitchen yet, brass is a close second offering warmth to both wood surfaces and looks great against both white and gray walls.


Wood Countertops. They are a higher maintenance surface area yet, offer warmth to a kitchen and function that granite can’t provide. Custom butcher block versions offer great value and function to a cook.


Recycled Materials. Another beautiful splash guard option for your kitchen are eco-friendly materials like recycled glass tiles and countertops. They offer many beautiful color combinations and unique coloring and accents to your cabinets.


Contemporary Wood Cabinets. If you have a contemporary home and are looking to add warmth to your living space natural wood fronts to your cabinets is a great way of doing it; cherry, maple or walnut. Seamless and streamlined for ease of use and minimal hardware.


If you are thinking of remodeling your kitchen area please reach out for a free consultation with Executive Craftsman at 203-324-6383 or www.executivecraftsman.com we offer over 20 years of expertise in building only the finest remodeling projects in Fairfield County.