2886 Executive Craftsman

Featured in GC Magazine – The 9 Best General Contractors in Stamford, Connecticut

Executive Craftsman

135 Bentwood Dr, Stamford, CT, 06903

Regarded as one of the area’s leading construction and remodeling firms, Executive Craftsman is meticulous and enjoys working with complex spaces. It is well-versed in each phase of construction and has extensive knowledge of working in Connecticut. The firm has designers, architects, project managers, construction staff, and support personnel to optimize its approach. It is a leader in utilizing modern techniques to deliver a high-quality project. It is also budget-conscious and known to work diligently with homeowners to avoid extra costs.

The firm is led and overseen by its owners and principals, Steve Lanefski and Johel Solano. Together, they ensure each individual benefits from their expertise. Under their supervision, Executive Craftsman has completed over one thousand projects since its inception almost thirty years ago.

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