Take Your Fall Decorations To The Next Level​


Fall is here and that means it’s time to switch up your home’s decorations. Gone is the fun in the sun summer style, loaded with beach chairs, umbrellas, and bright colors. Fall means it’s time to bring in a new look for the home. Prime fall is September to October, which gives you the best window to get ahead of the curve. Luckily, our team at is here with some fall decorating tips guaranteed to make your house the talk of the town.


Fall Colors


Every season has colors to match it. Christmas has green and red, Summer has lots of bright blues and yellows. Fall is no exception to this rule and has many colors associated with it. These dark red, orange, red brown’s, forest green, and more earthy colors. Using this will really “fall up” your home. Don’t be afraid to get creative with how you use them. Incorporate some dark red furniture into some rooms around your home, add some orange decor to brighten things up and dark red always look nice on the walls. Run wild and get creative with the fall colors in order to give your home the fall look you’ve always wanted.


Choose something that stays through the holidays


Fall is a lucky season since two big holidays are in it. We get Halloween and Thanksgiving within about a month of each other. While it is tempting to go wild for Halloween and then do the same for Thanksgiving ask yourself first, do you want to go through all that effort? You get all the spiders, vampires, web, and monsters out for October 31st and then you are going to replace them with turkeys and pilgrims. A simple and easy solution is to go with a decorating scheme that stays through the holidays. Keep a simple yet fall theme that looks good in October and November. This still gives you room to have loads of fun decorating for the holidays and gives you some breathing room between the two.


Farm Decor is in


Fall doesn’t have to be just pumpkins and orange, it also is the season to get into the farm decor style. Farm decor is light in color and heavy emphasis on rustic wood furniture, all of which can easily be transitioned into a fall style. Rather than going with the traditionally light colors, you can swap them with some of the gorgeous fall colors. On top of that, you can also throw in some of the more traditional fall decorations giving it that lovely fall feel. There is no shortage of you can incorporate farm decor into your home so go crazy and get creative.






The pumpkin is perhaps one of the most, if not the, most iconic image of fall. When you see a pumpkin you just automatically think of the fall. The pumpkin makes for a perfect decorating piece for in and outside, real or artificial, it doesn’t matter. Due to it being the time for pumpkins, they will be readily available at nearly every street corner and shop you will visit. Pumpkins scream fall and look good for the holidays as well with them being a famous icon of Halloween but also looking comfortable in a picture of an absolutely delicious looking Thanksgiving dinner. A Pumpkin makes for the perfect fall centerpiece. Not only that but pumpkins can be used for a of creative and classic decorations.


Send in the Leaves


Fall gets its name for the falling leaves. The falling of the leaves plays an as the fallen leaves fertilize the ground and the loss of the leaves prevents freezing and us of fewer resources for the trees. It’s nearly impossible to count how many leaves fall every year but there will be an endless amount of them which means that these leaves are perfect for decoration. Whether it’s a huge pile or a single leaf, real or artificial, a gorgeous fall leaf gives endless possibilities for decoration. Take a few artificial leaves and neatly set them around and on various furniture in your house for a dramatic effect. Add some outdoor leaves to your arts and crafts box, they provide plenty of to cute nick-nacks to your home for the season. There are just about as many ideas you can do with the leaves as there are leaves that are gonna fall this year!


Fall is here, so why not add some fall colors, pumpkins, and leaves to your home? Your home can use some nice fall decor after the summer heat and a little change to the interior is always good for the soul. Be sure to have fun and get creative with these tips, they are sure to leave you with an impressive fall set up that will make your neighbors talk. For more info on taking care of your home be sure to check out our other blogs.


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