The Importance Of Cleaning Your Gutters – FREE INSPECTION​


Executive Craftsman reviewing the important points of keeping your gutters clean year round for both long-term maintenance of your roof as well as your windows. Executive Craftsman is currently taking prescheduled cleaning and inspection appointments; please call us at 203-324-6383 or email us directly at Learn more about your gutters and what to look for this season:


Gutters and Downspouts


Gutters and downspouts are invaluable for catching and funneling water away from one of your home’s largest surface areas — your roof. Why is this important? Because water that drips unabated all over your windows, doors, siding and foundation will cause damage over the long run. This is a simple way to tend to both your windows and roof.


1. Water damage

You want to do everything you can to keep water contained and directed away from your house.Some homes don’t need gutters. If your home is constructed with big, broad overhangs, water probably falls far enough away from your foundation. But anyone who lives in a climate with regular amounts of snow and rain should have gutters. It’s simple preventative maintenance.


2. Inspection and materials

It’s a good idea to inspect gutters a couple of times a year to make sure they’re operating efficiently. Gutters are secured to something called a fascia board. This board hangs just under the roofline and is typically made of wood. You may need to hire a specialists like Executive Craftsman to come in and inspect your gutters and make sure the fascia isn’t deteriorating or rotting. This is the type of work requires a professional because ladder work can be very dangerous and some jobs are just better left to a professional.Gutter materials• Steel: Durable, but rusts over time• Vinyl or plastic: A favorite for DIYers; lightweight; long-term exposure to the elements causes fading and degrading• Aluminum: Most popular choice (fabricated on-site without seams for less chance of leaking)• Copper: Beautiful and long-lasting; higher price• Wood: Practically obsolete; found on some historic homes


3. Repairing damage

Patching holes doesn’t take much skill or expertise, but again this would be best left to a professional who is comfortable working on a ladder.


4. Cleaning gutters

Gutters should be cleaned at least twice a year. If your home is on a heavily wooded lot, you’ll need to do it more often. Often they streak with debris on the exterior or simply need leaves and acorn removal that accumulates over time. The idea here is to keep gutter channels free of debris so water can be free-flowing. Again, in doing so you will increase the life of the gutters and your roof.


5. Gutter cleaning tips

Shortcut: If you clean your gutters a day or two after it rains, the moist muck is easier to scoop up. If the muck dries out and adheres to the gutter, cleaning it out is more time-consuming.

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