High-End Bathroom Remodeling Ideas

High-End Bathroom Remodeling Ideas

A full bathroom remodel offers an exciting opportunity to express your creativity and craft the home you want. Do you have any fantastic ideas for your new bathroom? We do!

Our expert renovators at Executive Craftsmen listed our favorite high-end bathroom remodeling ideas below. 

#1 Expand Your Square Footage

What feels more refreshing than stepping into an airy, open bathroom? Larger bathrooms have a spa-like atmosphere that invites you to wind down and relax. Expand your square footage by:

  • Removing walls and other structures
  • Purchasing wall-mounted fixtures
  • Creating separate storage space
  • Removing shower boundaries for seamless transitions

In some cases, even a little extra room can make a major difference in your bathroom layout. 

A newly remodeled bathroom in CT
#2 Install Custom Bathroom Features

Extravagant bathrooms almost always have a few custom bathroom features to enhance the atmosphere. Why settle for the same squat bathtub everyone else has?

You could shop for a Japanese soaking tub that offers neck-deep water coverage. Increase your personal spa’s visual appeal with a decorative glass sink featuring quality hardware. 

Other fantastically unique ideas include:

  • Personalized bathroom lighting designs for the perfect ambiance
  • Expansive showers with rain-water shower heads
  • Mosaic tiles arranged into personalized murals
  • Wall-mounted toilets designed for more comfort and space

A talented designer can provide endless suggestions and remodel visualizations with high-end plumbing and water fixtures. 

#3 Add Statement Pieces

Why not add a pop of fun, fanciful color with some fine details and finishes? A statement mirror offers an excellent starting point, especially for bathrooms with otherwise minimal interior design. Dress up the space with a lavish chair or loveseat featuring gem-toned upholstery.  

Add a few tropical houseplants to breathe life into the area. After all, most houseplants thrive in humid, well-lit spaces. Your bathroom can be much more than a place to rinse the day off. 

Other popular suggestions include:

  • Sparkling chandeliers for lighting
  • Luxurious, floor-length window treatments for a dramatic flair
  • Ornate wallpaper to make the space look grander 

The finer details can redefine an entire room with minimal effort. 

#4 Explore Natural and Artificial Lighting Solutions

Every high-end bathroom remodeling project should include a customized lighting design. Should you unapologetically bask in sunlight? Or perhaps a few carefully placed fixtures will provide the calming ambiance you crave?

Expert remodelers can help you achieve both natural and artificial light! Skylights and large windows offer a gorgeous view of the sky and natural surroundings. Imagine sipping your favorite drink while awash in the sunlight or gazing at the stars. 

Balance this experience with the private, intimate atmosphere created by hushed artificial light. You can embrace pleasant solitude and relaxation beneath the hushed glow of some ornate light fixtures. Install dimming switches and colored bulbs for even more variety. 

#5 Create Bathroom Storage Solutions

Finally, eliminate all traces of clutter with creative bathroom storage solutions. Many homeowners forget to include bathroom storage in their renovation plans. However, customized storage options are among the most essential parts of a complete bathroom remodel. 

Organized closets offer a versatile solution for towels, hygiene products, and other items used in a bathroom, but your designer will invite you to think outside of the box. Some savvy yet accessible storage options include:

  • Subtle shelving built into the walls
  • Custom-built cabinetry
  • Built-in hooks and fixtures for towels, washcloths, hairdryers, and other essentials
  • Comfortable vanities for extensive makeup and skincare routines

Explore More High-End Bathroom Remodeling Ideas With Executive Craftsman

Our talented design team at Executive Craftsman is excited to see your preliminary remodeling plans. By combining our extensive experience and your high-end bathroom remodeling ideas, you’ll discover your personal spa experience right in your home! Contact us to begin planning.

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