Bathroom Design Tips & Trends

When it comes to designing your bathroom you should definitely check out the latest products and design trends available for new bathrooms. Here is a list of the latest tips and trends to inspire your new bathroom design: can provide designers who specialize just in bathrooms to help your dreams to reality.Large bathrooms are increasingly popular as homeowners look to pamper themselves. You’ll find that most bathrooms have a separate bath tub/whirlpool and shower area to make room for bathroom furniture like chaise lounges. In many master bathrooms you’ll find a sitting area with television, sound system and even a wet bar, so you can relax after taking a long bath. Large windows are essential in creating a natural bathroom setting. Bathroom fixtures are more functional and decorative, making it easier to personalize your bathroom design. You can choose between an open or enclosed shower area, freestanding bath or whirlpool and countertop sinks in wide range of styles, including vessel sinks. Most showerheads and faucet fixtures come in a wide range of styles and finishes to complement any bathroom theme. More and more homeowners are looking to pamper themselves with a spa retreat that features all the bathroom amenities of a five-star hotel, like a two-person whirlpool and/or full body shower. Today’s ergonomic designs and well-positioned massage jets make it a great place to escape from a long day. Experiment with different materials like wood, glass, china, stone and chrome for your countertop, walls and floors. When it comes to colors, homeowners are opting for bolder colors like red, blue and deep green. If putting those colors on your walls and floors are too much, trying adding some colored tiles, sinks and wall accents.

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