Checking the temperature in the home

Gas or Oil Heat

With temperatures dipping into the single digits hear in Fairfield County leaving many homeowners to discuss the efficiency and cost of heating a home. The debate is inevitable questioning what is better gas or oil.

Some people swear by oil heat and others are equally enthusiastic about natural gas. I have done both and made the switch over a year ago to gas and have saved over 30% on my bill. Even with the cost of oil going down it still might be a good idea to make the switch to gas. It’s much better for the environment and with all the smart technology going on you can have more control throughout your home with programing your heat expenditure on your smart phone.

Today natural gas furnaces have a higher heating efficiency, fuel cost less and is abundant in most areas of lower Fairfield County, CT. They require very little maintenance (no service contract is needed) but gas provides less heat per BTU than oil. Gas is also quieter and cleaner than oil yet, cost more than oil furnaces.

has been working with EMME which offers amazing control and savings with both your heating and cooling systems. Regardless of what type of heat source you prefer, use a qualified and reputable HVAC contractor and get several estimates before you make any major investments in your home. You can often fine public and private rebates or financing incentives available to homeowners who upgrade their systems, so be sure to explore all the options before you invest.

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