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The Newest Interior Design Trends For Spring 2019

Spring has finally arrived! After a long and wet winter, we can enjoy the fresh flowers and a warm breeze. You might want to get outside and enjoy the warm weather, but it’s also the perfect time to update the home. Why? Because the newest interior design trends are about to explode onto the market. No matter how outdoorsy you and your family are, a lot of time is spent in the home. Why wouldn’t you want an interior that screams spring as much as chirping birds and fresh greenier? Executive Craftsman has been working in home construction for a while and we’ve seen many trends come and go. We have never been this excited for new trends and know you will be too. Take your home to the next level by taking advantage of the latest developments in home interior design.

Maximizing Natural Lighting

One of the biggest trends that are taking over interior design is maximizing natural lighting. Nearly every aspect of interior design is changing to help homeowners make the most of the sun. With spring rolling in, this trend is about to break out in a huge way. This means mirrors, open space, and wrap around windows. Windows allow the light to come in, but its impact is minimized if a room is a dark color. The perfect colors to use for great natural lighting are those soft blues and greys. When the sun hits a room full of those colors just right, you’d think you’re outside. Keep those colors in mind for furniture as well. If you can’t find anything in either color you like, nothing lights up quite like white. On top of that, adding mirrors allows light to be reflected back into the room. Take some time to redesign your room to let the sunshine in.

Recycled Kitchen

Homeowners are becoming more and more interested in having sustainable and green-friendly materials and designs used in their house. This trend isn’t slowing down anytime soon and will become more important in the future. How is this going to impact interior design trends? In the kitchen of course! How do you design a kitchen to be eco-friendly? By combining the two, they don’t need to be separate. Research what kind of wood is being used in the gorgeous black cabinets that are currently in. On top of that, make sure your paint isn’t going to kill a small forest while it was being prepared. Refurbished and repurposed metals make for the perfect green solution for those currently awesome brass taps. If you are redesigning your kitchen this spring, use as much recycled goods as you can to be eco-friendly.

Open shelving

Have you ever seen the difference between open shelving and cabinets in a room? The contrast is mindblowing. Open shelving completely changes any room it’s used in. You transform a cluttered office space into an open study with this simple change. This minor tweak completely frees up an astonishing amount of extra space. The room might be the same size as before but it will look larger. On top of that, you can take your decorating to a new plateau. Open shelves allow for much more unique and interesting decor to be added to a room. Cabinets and shelves are clunky, often limiting space. However, you can go crazy with an open shelf. Really show off some of your favorite possessions or display your greatest achievements in style. Spring is in the air and so are open shelves.

The Newest Colors

One of the greatest aspects of spring is the explosion of colors outside. Greens, pinks, purples, blues all just seemingly come out of nowhere to give the world a fresh coat of paint. It’s also the perfect time to add some new color to your home. What are the newest colors that everyone is talking about this spring? Mustard, Forest Green, and Living coral. These three simple colors are going to explode onto the scene. Mustards make for the perfect interior color, providing a nice partner for those earthy shades you are so fond of. Living coral is a great choice for bathrooms or living rooms especially since it works well with both spring and summer decor. Last but not least is forest green. This simple color is going to be THE color of the year. It can be used inside the home or outside. In bedrooms, kitchens, finished basements, living rooms, anywhere in the house. Just tweaking your home with these great colors will give you an amazing new look for spring.

Spring is one of the most magical times of the year and one of the best times to redesign the interior of your home. Maximizing your natural lighting, open shelving, using the latest colors and recycled materials will give you the house everyone is talking about. Incorporating just one of these trends will take your interior design to the next level but mixing them is epic. Don’t just give your home a good cleaning this spring, get it a whole new look. If you are interested in having any of these projects done to your home, give us a call.

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