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A kid’s room can often be quite a challenge. Your kids need the change. How do you do it?

1. Colors

It’s going to be tough to set a color story for your newborn that’s going to be able to serve your child all the way through high school, so, think about colors that you can adapt as they grow older. A newborn’s nursery all decked out in soft, baby pink and cream could easily transition into soft pink with gray or navy as they get older. Just think about using colors that you can combine in new ways to keep the room age-appropriate as your kids get older

2. Furniture

Invest wisely in pieces that can easily move forward into an older, more mature space. A beautiful dresser can be used for an entire lifetime and be a childhood memento in a first apartment. And a classic comfortable chair is going to be the perfect place for you when you’re rocking your infant to sleep, or, for when the kids are watching Frozen for the 900th time! Keep in mind can help you with a custom built-in desk for homework and shelves for trophies and pictures.

3. Storage

No matter your child’s age, they’re going to need storage! I like to think about storage in several layers or levels. I love having proper closet storage and dresser/drawer storage. But, keep in mind some super-easy storage like open-topped baskets, under the bed compartments or trunks. Things should be able to be tucked away quickly yet, accessible for use and playtime.

4. Fun

You can sometimes use the fact that the decor changes to your advantage and use the space to be a little more experimental — so you can try something a little risky that you might not do in the more traditional parts of the house. Some simple items like stars on the ceiling, a map on the wall for exploring the world or bunk beds for those sleepovers with best friends.

If you are looking to rework your kid’s bedroom give us a ring! We are professionals at making dreams come true in creative ways.  – 203 324-6383 or visit us online.

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