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5 Steps to Planning a Home Renovation Project

Home renovations sometimes become large projects that take a lot of time and money. As a homeowner, you might not know where to start developing your renovation plan. In this post, Executive Craftsman will talk about how to plan a home renovation project, recommending steps to help you plan your design from start to finish.

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1. Create a General Plan

A remodel project takes a lot of time, so you want to make sure you have everything planned out exactly as you want. You need to figure out the goal of your renovation, whether you want a luxury home remodel to raise your property values or increase the usable space in your family home. 

To that end, put together a renovation “wish list” with features you would like to include. We also recommend researching nearby homes to see which kinds of additions and renovations would increase your property values the most. General planning also involves learning what permits and licenses you will need before renovating.

2. Establish a Budget

Your budget ultimately determines what kinds of renovations you can do, so you need to create a detailed breakdown of expenses and stick to it. Start by estimating the value of the renovations you want by pulling figures from quotes on home remodeling services. 

After initial calculations, add an extra 10% to the total as a contingency fund for unexpected renovation costs. Make sure you include increased living expenses while the renovation is happening, such as hotel bills, delivery food costs, etc. 

3. Hire Contractors

After drawing up a plan and budget, it’s time to find renovation contractors. Finding a residential contractor in Fairfield, CT, arguably remains the most important part of the process because they determine how the project progresses. Consider the following tips for finding the right remodeling company:

  • Look at credentials, such as licensing, insurance, and certifications 
  • Review customer testimonials from third-party sites like Yelp, which is a good indicator of quality 
  • See if you can find photos of their previous work 
  • All other things being equal, hire a company with an established track record and long history 
  • Don’t pay for anything until you have a proposal in writing 
  • Ask your neighbors or friends for highly recommended local companies. Word-of-mouth is a good way to find reliable contracting services.
  • Check if the contractor is part of any trade organizations or whether they hold professional specializations. 

4. Determine a Timeline

Renovations can take several weeks, so plan a feasible timeline with your contracting crew. The timeline will have to consider things like work, holidays, and other events. We recommend scheduling additional time, so you won’t have to crunch if things fall behind schedule. Start with the end day and work backward when determining timelines. 

5. Pack and Clean

Now that renovation dates are almost upon you, you need to clean the house so the contractors can do their job. Depending on what you plan to renovate, you might have to vacate the house during the process. Make sure to remove any larger appliances and furniture in renovation rooms. We recommend starting packing at least one to two weeks before renovation dates. 

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