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10 Ways to Add More Exterior Charm to Your Home

Below you will find a few suggestions to adding to your home’s exterior charm and overall curb appeal. These little items can clearly enhance the overall appearance of your home plus and are affordable ways to add value to your home. Take a look…

Exterior Charm: Adding On to Your Home

Add a covered entrance. Having a bit of cover over your front door when welcoming someone in from out of a rain or snowstorm is both important and offers purpose. A small portico topped with a pediment works well with most home-styles.

Hang a lantern. Bring some depth and definition to the entrances of your home with the right light fixture.

Exterior Charm: Changing Your Home

Change the color of your door. This simple change can offer a big impact! Be sure the door matches the architectural style of the home. Some doors can add more light into your home with Executive Craftsman.

Hang window boxes. Find window boxes that match the style of your home and are well suited to match its overall style and paint them for a seamless addition to the overall charm of your property.

Add a gate. Low masonry or wood fences paired with wood or a metal gate add presence to your home’s exterior. Together with landscaping of the property around the gate can only make the smallest front yard seem bigger.

Plant an arbor. A great way to add charm with the addition of plants like climbing roses and maybe exterior lighting to magnify the center piece in the yard.

New driveway. If your driveway has been taking a beating it might be time to rework it with brick, masonry or stained concrete to add value or simply new asphalt and Belgium blocks to add to your property.

Dress up garage doors. Most garage doors are visible from the streets. Again, adding new doors with windows, proper lighting can make a big difference to a home’s exterior.

Add dormer windows. This can be a big project yet if it’s done properly it can really boost curb appeal and add lots of natural light into the interior of a home.

Exterior illumination. Another great way to add value to a home would be to add various exterior lighting around your home, property, and walkways.

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