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Outdoor Living Spaces

Most people don’t think about creating outdoor living spaces yet, today they have become a significant way to increase value of a home and create additional living space year-round home year-round.   – all provide great looking living areas for homes in New England.

So many styles can be added to a home – simply a porch with some columns could offer ample sitting area while facing expensive lawns or a pool area for viewing. Simple stone or cement outdoor flooring for a patio which is surrounded by custom low stone walls with perianal gardens makes for a great dining area. Even pocket doors that remain open from a living room onto a great deck space can set up an additional outdoor living space with ease. The options are endless. Even adding outdoor kitchens has become a normal addition to a new outdoor living space.

Above you will find a photo of a local home in Fairfield County with a deck designed and created by  Again, providing additional entertainment for the family with year-round enjoyment; summer with a pool, fall with football games and winter with a Jacuzzi tub.

Please reach out to directly if you are interested in expanding your living space with a stunning porch, patio, terrace or veranda. We’d welcome the opportunity to share our expertise in this area. Executive Craftsman or call us at 203-324-6383 and ask for Steve or Johel.

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