Outdoor Decor Trends for 2023

Create a Captivating Outdoor Decor That Your Guests Will Love

If you want to model your patio or deck after some of the best outdoor decor of 2023 in Fairfield, CT, you came to the right place. The pandemic brought a culture shift that encouraged homeowners to focus on creating a private slice of paradise in their yards. Your outdoor living space offers a place to relax in solitude or enjoy the company of friends and family.

With so many ideas floating around, where should you begin? You’ll discover a world of possibilities with the following trends. Choose the ones that best match your aesthetic preferences and get creative when implementing them.   

Artistic Lighting For An Amazing Outdoor Decor

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Dual-purpose decor is one of the 5 major home renovation trends of 2023. Artistic lighting provides both function and dramatic visuals. Choose from colorful glass spheres, sculptures, and modest ground lights to make an impact.

Most lighting options conveniently use solar power to stay lit during the night. After providing iridescent beauty during the day, they glow at night. Your lawn and patio will take on an enchanted appearance once the sun goes down.

Alternatively, you can purchase classic light strings. Colored strings offer a splash of fun colors. Meanwhile, white lights create the warm, classic glow most people associate with outdoor decor. 

Terracotta Decor

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Terracotta offers a minimalist aesthetic that shows a connection with the Earth. While visions of plant pots dominate your mind, you can also purchase terracotta chimineas with elaborate designs that provide warmth on chilly nights. Terracotta vases also create a rustic yet exotic style that offers gentle warm hues to outdoor spaces.

Plants with a Purpose

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As our environment’s health becomes the center of many conversations, many outdoor living spaces of 2023 in Fairfield, CT, incorporate purposeful plants into their gardens. You can utilize plants to create privacy barriers with hanging baskets, pallet gardens, and plant boxes. An easy way to create a color-rich environment involves spreading seeds of flora native to Connecticut.

Both options create habitats that provide daily beauty while pollinators feed and birds nest. The charming color, coupled with wildlife, gives you and your guests an enchanting show. Plus, you can integrate herbs, vegetables, and small fruit trees into your garden expanse. 

Greco-Roman Furnishings

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If you need subtle furnishings to fill empty corners, you can use Greco-Roman furnishings for a chic, minimalist style. Plant stands, statues, and garden tables blend well with the terracotta decor and rich plant life. Incorporate these classic pieces into your outdoor living space for a timeless touch. 

Fuse Indoor and Outdoor Spaces

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Few trends create the same sense of calm expanse as opening your door to an outdoor space that matches the functionality and comfortable excess of a living room. French doors or folding doors offer an excellent starting point for this seamless transition. Add cushy, luxurious patio furniture that mirrors indoor lavishness.

You may also want to add other features like outdoor kitchen areas, extravagant dining sets, and patio tile that mimics your indoor spaces. Houseplants that can thrive both inside and outside also offer an exotic, tropical touch that improves the transition.

Bring One of the 5 Major Home Renovation Trends of 2023 to Your Home with Executive Craftsman

When keeping up with the best trends for outdoor living spaces of 2023 in Fairfield, CT, always keep your personal style in mind. Ask yourself which of these trends actually feels like you. Can you visualize yourself and your guests alongside these ideas?

At Executive Craftsman, we understand the need to create outdoor living spaces that match new developments while maintaining your sense of individuality. Contact us today to plan the outdoor space of your dreams.

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