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The Best Time of Year to Paint Your Home’s Exterior

So you’re looking to paint the exterior of your home. You finally have the color picked out and you’ve prepared every paintbrush. But now you’re left wondering, “When is the best time to paint the outside of your house? Luckily for you, our Executive Craftsman team is here to walk you through the ins and outs of the when you should paint your home’s exterior. Spoiler alert, there’s still time! 

Wait for Warm Weather 

Maybe you’re feeling a bit antsy about painting the outside of your home and you’re thinking about getting a head start on a sunny day in April. While it may be tempting to take advantage of warmer spring weather, April and May are still unpredictable and can bring days of below-freezing temperatures and rain, lots of rain, which could ruin your paint job. Instead, refrain from painting during the spring and wait for June to September to paint the outside of your home. Even in the middle of the night, temperatures are warm enough that you’ll get the best results. 

How Warm is Too Warm? 

The sun is shining and there’s not a cloud in the sky. It’s hot outside. Sounds like the perfect weather conditions to paint the exterior of your house, right? Think again. Though you should wait until June, painting your house’s exterior in temperatures above 90 degrees can prohibit your paint from binding properly and can cause cracking or peeling. Another helpful tip to remember is to work your way around your house when you’re painting so that you’re not painting on a side that’s being directly hit by the sun. Chances are the sunny surface is much hotter than the weather forecast. 

Avoid Rain and Humidity 

We all know the saying, April showers bring May flowers! But while your garden is blooming, the fresh coat of paint you just applied to the outside of your house isn’t drying properly because of the rain. Waiting until the summer to paint the outside of your house means you’ll have more dependable, sunny weather that’ll allow the paint to dry and last longer. Finally have a warm, cloudless day? Before you head outside with your paintbrush and ladder, make sure the day’s humidity levels fall between 40 and 70 percent for optimal drying. 

So it’s time to ask yourself, is it between June and September? Check. Is it a warm, sunny forecast? Absolutely. Looks like it’s time to give us at Executive Craftsman a call! We’ll provide you with a quality paint job on the outside of your house in no time. Want more ways to refresh the inside and outside of your home? Learn about what services we provide and check out our blog. 

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