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Outdoor Fireplace for Family Fun

Outdoor fireplaces are popular today in both Darien and New Canaan backyards. On a cool summer night, it’s a great way to keep a party going with both smores and campfire songs. It’s simply a glorified campfire yet, can be expressed in many different ways; traditional, fountain, formal outdoor fireplace, an addition to an outdoor kitchen area or simply an expanded sitting area outdoors. The portfolio of work has expanded this year to include the following:

Outdoor fireplace area with an outdoor BBQ kitchen

Gas outdoor fireplace with an outdoor TV on a roofed patio addition

Gas and water fountain

Skyline gas display with a sitting area

Each township in our area has specific codes for building a fire pit so, be sure you are in compliance with the process as it applies to your area or simply leaves the task to a seasoned general contractor to take on the task. has been serving as one of the leading general contractors in lower Fairfield County for over 20 years.

If you are interested in expanding your outdoor living area to include either a traditional or decorative fire setting please give us a ring for a free estimate at 203-324-6383 or visit our site for more details at www.Executive Craftsman.com

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