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​Top 10 Home Improvement Projects

These update projects will offer the highest return based on their cost and the value added to your home.

  1. Update your entrance with an updated front door and windows accents.
  2. New Garage doors.
  3. Changing the siding on your home.
  4. Wood deck or patio space. Extend your living space outdoors.
  5. Energy efficient windows and also adding big and bright light to your home.
  6. Minor kitchen remodel –  New appliances, cabinets, counter tops.
  7. Attic renovation – add an additional bedroom to your home and bath, if space allows it.
  8. Major kitchen renovation – The Chef Kitchen – top of the line for all your cooking needs.
  9. Two story addition – office space or gym for the home.
  10. Simply maximize your living potential.

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