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Why Calling Yourself a Jack-of-all-Trades Is Bad for Business​

You might not believe this yet, I don’t like upsetting people. Yet, I need to say something that is going to make a few of you upset.

If you are one of the many contractors who start an advertising message with “We specialize in….” good for you! But if you follow that statement with a laundry list of things you do, you’re NOT specialized in anything. And it hurts your business.

Contractors are often advised by their peers to learn all they can, to become a jack-of-all-trades. And they’re right to do that yet, especially general remodeling experts you need to know as much as possible to promote your business. Yet, when they decided to promote a business with a long laundry list of items they become less appealing to the buying public.

You must generate leads for jobs that you are capable of doing. Today, potential clients value hiring specialists to know exactly what they are doing. You are looking to become known for making or producing quality work and when this happens your name will grow and your business will grow.

When a client is looking to remodel they don’t want or need a window/doors specialists they will seek out a contractor who focuses on remodeling every day and with every job. When you talk to a contractor on the phone listen clearly to see if they stick to the one item of interest; your project or do they scatter and discuss so many different items. It will become very distracted. This will reflect in the work they do for you. A specialist will pick one thing an

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