A home in the middle of the remodeling process.

What to Expect with a Full Home Remodel

Most seasoned remodelers consider the planning phase of a full home remodel the honeymoon phase. During this phase, homeowners are over the moon about the possibilities. Once construction begins, reality sets in.

Before you start your home remodeling project, let our team tell what you can expect. A full home remodel includes phases that most homeowners wouldn’t expect.

Discover why our experienced, talented remodeling team is so important below.

#1 Dust and Dirt

Dusty hands during a full home remodel
Close up of builder shaking off dust from gloves during a full home remodel.

All construction sites get dirty early in the process, even indoor remodeling projects. Renovations involve knocking down walls, connecting major appliances, and plenty of physical labor. As such, it should come as no surprise that dust, dirt, and grime will cover each square foot of a remodeling space.

A good remodeling team will take precautions to keep the dirt relegated to one area of your home. Particles will still float or travel throughout other rooms in your home. Invest in air purifiers, good vacuum cleaners, and sturdy filters. These items will help keep the dust under control.

#2 Fatigue and Inconvenience

A full home remodel is exciting at first. Homeowners tend to visualize the endless possibilities. They like to dream about what their home is going to look like. We call this the honeymoon phase.

The excitement often wears off once they grasp how much the construction will affect their daily lives. A kitchen remodel will affect how you cook and what or where you eat. A bathroom renovation can get in the way of many daily routines that you never thought twice about. So you should expect a little fatigue at the inconveniences that go with the full home remodel. You can mitigate these struggles by planning.

#3 Occasional Hiccups

Worried homeowner looking at a shipping label

Reputable remodelers will do their best to maintain a smooth process. They work hard to keep the project on schedule and as predictable as possible. But hiccups do happen.

For example, your remodeler might order enough tiles to cover the entire square footage of your bathroom. But the shipment gets mixed up somewhere along the line. This obstacle increases the project time, pushing the completion date back. Make sure you work with reputable contractors to reduce issues as much as possible.

#4 Unpredictable Scheduling

House under construction with looming clouds

Weather problems, damaged material shipments, and unexpected changes happen. When these things do happen they can change a project timeline from an exact timeline to more of a guideline. Some remodeling work can’t be worked on in the rain or the cold. Contractors might encounter damaged plumbing during a kitchen renovation. They could uncover faulty wiring in the walls. The specialty item they needed for your home won’t arrive until later than they expected. They need to resolve these problems before the project can move forward.

#5 Lots of Noise

If your home is being remodeled, you’l have to expect some noise. Power tools, hammering, talking, and yelling are all part of the renovation process. Although this might seem obvious, homeowners often don’t grasp how much it can affect you until it becomes a part of your daily life. Loud noises will get in the way of a lot of regular activities in your home. Be it basic conversations , remote work, or even enjoying your favorite show or YouTube clips when winding down after a long day.

This factor, coupled with routine inconveniences, cause some homeowners to seek out a new place to stay. If you work from home, you should make plans to set up camp at a local cafe or a friend’s house.

#6 Satisfactory Results

AdobeStock 600960206
A newly remodeled kitchen.

Despite all the obstacles you might need to overcome with your remodeling team, you’ll fall in love with the final product. Renovation is a creative journey that transforms your home into something new. With a competent, talented renovation team at your side, you’ll achieve a home that surpasses your expectations!

Make Your Full Home Remodel Less Stressful with Executive Craftsman

Do you have a full home remodel that you’re looking to get underway? At Executive Craftsman, we have the resources, experience, and talent to bring your dream home to life! Start planning your renovation project by contacting us. We’ll help you take the first steps toward a functional yet visionary home.

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