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Interior Trim & Finishing Ideas

Interior molding adds new dimension to the substance and style of your home. Whether you’re dreaming of elegant crown molding in your great room or cozy beadboard in your family room or breakfast room, decorative trim and molding can help enhance the look of any room. Our designers will help you find the right touch for every room in your house by using decorative millwork like ceiling moldings, crown molding, interior trim and wall, door and window framing. Adding millwork to your home is a cost-effective way to change the look and design of your home’s interior, while adding a touch of character and sophistication. Using arched casing for entryways and hallways is the perfect place to embellish your home’s interior by creating a unique focal point. By using prefabricated trim and molding you can make your archway as decorative or elaborate as you want.

Crown molding is popular for interior design because it can be used throughout the home to add interest to that space where the walls meet the ceiling and is available in a wide range of styles and sizes. Traditionally crown molding was made of wood or plaster which made them more expensive and difficult to shape. Most new homes and remodelling projects use new lightweight products like PVC and urethane, which can easily be molded into any size and shape.

Give your walls a unique wainscot look by adding decorative wall paneling like chair rails and shadow boxes. Another popular design is to use recessed panels to create a cozy look by combining rail and stile panels and then capping them off with a decorative shelf or rail. This is a great option to surround a fireplace in a great room. If you’re looking to add elegance or to make a room appear larger try a coffered ceiling, which is pattern of recessed boxes that is created on the surface by using crossed beams. Although coffers are usually square or rectangular, elaborate ceilings may be divided into octagons or other regular geometric shapes to create an elaborate design. Many companies offer acoustic coffers to improve the acoustics in a large room with high ceilings. For rooms with a low ceiling, you can create a modified-coffered look by using flat boards instead of beams. Door casings do more than give a finished appearance to a room; they help insulate the door opening from drafts. They can be simple and functional, but most homeowners take advantage of making them decorative to match their windows, baseboards and trim to create a unified look. There are many stock designs available, making it easy to match any décor. By selecting wainscoting, you can easily define and enhance the look of a room. For example raised panels give an elegant and classy look, while beadboard panels give a more country and traditional look and chair rails add texture and warmth. You can easily give your window character by adding window casing. Casing can be very simple or detailed with wide sills and decorative profiles depending on the style and size of the window. They are not only used as a way to frame and showcase what is seen outside the window, but also provide durability. When adding decorative elements to your home, you should consider how each room coordinates with the next in to ensure a successful design.

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