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Flexible Laundry Space

Today’s laundry room does more than wash and dry clothes, it’s a well-planned, multi-functional space designed to meet the changing lifestyles and needs of a growing family. This new flexible space is now a place where you and your family can gather to enjoy hobbies, spend time on the computer, play games, watch TV, work on arts and crafts and of course, take care of the laundry.This multi-purpose room is designed to change over time as your family’s needs and interests change and as new products become available. One of the biggest trends in designing a flexible space like the laundry room is to overlap activities into one well-designed location. The benefit to this is it brings the family together while performing different activities, which generally would take up space in other parts of your home. Here is a list of activities and workspaces to consider when designing your laundry room so you can create a home workspace for the entire family:

  • Laundry
  • Hobbies
  • Workshop
  • Sewing center
  • Pet care
  • Gift wrapping area
  • Gardening area
  • Recycle center
  • Seasonal storage
  • Office space
  • Play/game rooms
  • Homework center
  • Exercise area
  • Extra storage

Once you decide on the activities and tasks, now you can focus on the features and products that will make your new family space more enjoyable and convenient, such as adding a TV, window seat, computer station, small kitchen area with refrigerator and sink, etc.

For help with your flexible laundry space please call at 203-324-6383.


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