Renovated attic

Attic Renovation

An attic remodel is an easy way to increase living space and avoid many of the zoning restrictions that attach to an addition to a home. It’s another great way to clear out all those old high school yearbooks, baby toys and sparrow nests to make room for something useful like an additional bedroom, office space or playroom for the kids.

can offer a free estimate on doing a conversion of an attic space and provide you with all the proper remodeling plans in the process. The return on investment on a project like this runs around 77% yet, you need to make sure that this project is even doable – building codes, support structures, HVAC, plumbing systems and access to the area. All of these elements need to meet specific requirements and even your staircase must meet code.

Executive Craftsman has been offering several attic conversions over the past few months. We also provide the  with each project. It’s more than a well-engineered machine that captures dust. You also get a representative to work side by side with us to assure that your home is free of containments, dust particles are just not hanging in the air nor are the particles gather on your furniture and clothing. It simply gives you a peace of mind that you are living in a safe home while the remodeling project is getting done.

If you are interested in an attic conversion and are looking for a leader in general contracting in lower Fairfield County, CT to give you a free estimate for the job please give us a call at 203-324-6383 or email us at [email protected]

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