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The Importance of a Home Inspection this Spring

Old man winter has overstayed his welcome this year. That is why it’s important that you inspect your home and assess any damage done over the harsh winter months. Not only does it look bad, ignoring or neglecting any issues to the exterior of your home can become major problems in the future.

Here is a checklist of things would review and more….everything from rooftop to your basement.

Check your gutters- Make sure that all components of the gutters are free of debris, and properly connected. To help prevent damage to your foundation, make sure the downspouts drain away from the foundation.

Inspect the siding-Whether you have wood or vinyl siding, it’s important that you inspect the condition of the siding. Look for evidence of paint peeling away, mold or wood rot. Pay close attention to the areas that are most susceptible to water intrusion and rot such as the trim, the siding near the roof, under windows and near the drainage system. The rule of thumb is you should consider painting your home every 7 to 10 years.

Inspect the trim and woodwork- Take a look at the trim around windows, doors, soffits, etc. to make sure nothing is rotting. A rotted piece of trim around a window could lead to water damage and mold to the interior of your home. A good way to inspect the trim is to poke around with a screwdriver. Pay close attention to the areas with missing or dried out caulking.

Consider power washing- Not only does it look pretty, the paint or stain applied to the exterior of your home and your deck acts as a shield to protect your home. Power washing is the easiest way to protect your home is to keep it clean! By power washing your home every other year you are increasing the life of the paint on your home.

Inspect the roof- From the ground; take a look at your roof for damage to the shingles done over the winter. A few missing shingles can lead to some serious damage if you don’t replace damaged areas. This winter was long and hard with both snow and ice on your roof – be sure to have a professional look at your home.

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