home flooded flat interior with green walls and sofa against wall

Excessive Water In Your Home

Repeated snowfall can cause havoc to a property. When the accumulation of snow on roofs and various surfaces like decks eventually melts, resulting in water the excessive water can overwhelm drainage systems and cause damage to buildings exteriors, wall damage, roof leaks, basement water pooling and stress to decks and in extreme cases roof collapse. If you are getting water into your home from the roof or from the ground there are preventative measures that can be done to prevent it from happening next year.

The past two months in lower Fairfield County CT have experienced heavy snowfall. The snow continues to fall and someday soon we will be faced with excessive water. Various key points to watch when this occurs would be your septic tank getting overloaded, flat roof areas, dormer windows, roofs and your gutters. Often a roof can become brittle and seams can leak causing “ceiling spots” to a home. Excessive water can accumulate in your septic system and pumping might be in your best interest; often more than once. Some homes need to watch for water in your basement areas. Making sure you have sump pumps to manage the water levels around your basement area.

A solution to these problems is calling on an experienced general contractor to help you manage these problems either before they happen or immediately following. As you know, if unattended these issues will quickly cause mold in your walls and floors if left untreated. Rigorously drying the areas affected are critical and it must be done in a timely manner.

If you feel your home will be dramatically affected by the melting of the snow and you’ll need support with one of more of these areas please call for full support. We have been “building for living” for over 20 years and are committed to quality service and attention to detail no matter how big or small the project.  203-324-6383.

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