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3 Good Reasons to Have a Finished Basement

Every homeowner has a room that they like to call their own. Some retreat to their bedrooms when they want to unwind, and others love spending time experimenting in their kitchens. In terms of favorite rooms, basements can get the short end of the stick. For most people, basements act as a storage center or simply exist with no purpose. Considering the condition that many basements come in, you can’t blame them for not giving the basement a second thought. In many cases a basement can be refinished and transformed from one of the drabbest areas in your home to an important living space.

Reason #1


If your home doesn’t currently have a finished basement, it’s safe to assume that feature wasn’t high on your priority when purchasing the property. There are a lot of home buyers who are eager to get a home with a finished basement and more that are willing to pay more for having one already done. Ask any real estate agent about finished basements and they will tell you that these homes are some of the most sought after properties in lower Fairfield County, CT. The feature will attract potential buyers to your home and you will get more money for your property when you sell it! The nominal investment you put into the home is a worthwhile investment.

Reason #2

Long-Term Planning

Often you need to prepare and plan for the future. A finished basement area could help you care for an elderly family member or a loved one or your kids may want privacy when they grow up for a “home theatre” area or a “band room”. A finished basement could easily be converted into a nice bedroom or any other type of functioning room to help with your growing family needs. It’s important to plan and have space to expand. Basements often serve as functional areas for a family as they stay in a home for long periods of time.

Reason #3

Dream Room

Most homes come with a pretty standard layout. The majority have a kitchen and dining area, living room or family room, a few bedrooms with bathroom areas yet, not much more beyond the basics. A finished basement area gives you additional privacy for a home office, entertainment area or specialty area. A finished basement can clearly provide your home with a “dream” room where you can pursue your passions. It’s a simple update process and the return on investment is outstanding.

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