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Four of The Trendiest Interior Paint Colors For 2018

Four of this year’s trending colors and how to use them to enhance the elegance of your home.

When it comes to interior painting, inspiration can be found anywhere, from traveling abroad to fashion to pop culture. As the world changes, so do what homeowners want their houses to look like. Many big name paint manufacturers have experts in-house that will identify which of these trends will be huge, create new palettes, and come up with aspirational names to describe these colors.

To jumpstart ideas in your head of how to boost to the allure of your home by using added color, our experts at Executive Craftsman have researched what colors will be huge this year in interior painting and how you can use them to your advantage.

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 Sherwin-Williams: Oceanside

Described as: This color can best be described as a mysterious and opulent green-blue hue.Why it is trendy: Oceanside is a gorgeous color that is inspired by global interconnectedness and wanderlust. It reminds us of intriguing folklore like mermaids and going on expeditions all around the world.Where to use it: This color can be featured just about anywhere within a home. It pairs well with whites, creams, deep rich tones, or even warm metallics.  Are you searching for a way to get a taste of how this color will look on your home without going too over the top? Consider trying it on a side table or an accent wall in a neutral room to see if it can stay or go.

Sheen recommendation: We would recommend using it on larger flat walls with semi-gloss trim.

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Olympic: Black Magic

Described as: This is a true black color with no undertones. On the Olympic palette, this is listed as the absolute blackest black.

Why it is trendy: Black colors in a home can put off a very eerie and spooky vibe while at the same time encouraging tranquility. This color allows those that feature it in their home to pair it well with brighter colors so that they collaboratively pop.

Where to use it: This color looks stellar on doors within a home, on the back panel of a bookcase, or even behind a large television. When the television is off, it seems to fade into the dark color on the wall, however, once the television comes on, the colors bounce right off of the wall to allow for a splendid viewing experience. Black Magic pairs well with warm white shades and even periwinkle accents.

Sheen recommendation: Matte looks absolutely jaw-dropping. However, be sure that you use a paint that is washable for doors and other locations where fingerprints could potentially be an issue.

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Clark + Kensington: River Rapids

Described as: This gorgeous color will now only put off a renewing vibe, but it is also extremely relaxing and soothing. This light and pleasant color will truly brighten up a space.

Why it is trendy: We live in a world where it is impossible to look around and not see at least one screen. Because of this, homeowners are searching for texture and simplicity when it comes to interior colors. People are giving into feelings of nostalgia and are hunting for a color that will truly take them back

Where to use it: If you are looking to create a room of serenity, you must paint it River Rapids. It looks glorious in living rooms, family rooms, and even bedrooms. It pairs well with blue-black, natural tones, and classic shades.

Sheen recommendation: For rooms that see a lot of traffic, a higher sheen such as semi-gloss or satin are effective since cleaning is a breeze. On the other hand, softer sheens such as eggshell or enamel are great.

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Valspar: Favorite Green

Described as: Simply put, this color is intense. This invigorating green with just a touch of blue is both intriguing and refreshing.

Why it is trendy: This color reminds us of happy times both at home and away adventuring. It connects those that see it to natural healing and meaningfulness.

Where to use it: When entering a home, this color is sure to be the perfect greeting. It encourages visitors to take a deep and enjoyable breath of fresh air and to unwind just a tad. It can be used in areas that feature overlooks and in an entryway.

Sheen recommendation: When choosing rich and vivid colors, be sure that the sheen is low to take away the color from being overwhelming or overly reflective.

Choosing the perfect paint to elevate the look of your home is so important, which is why our team is here to help you. Together, we can collaborate upon which color would look amazing, what textures can be paired well with it, and how we can make sure that it will last. When times and trends change, we believe that staying up to date is important so that your home is always sure to impress.

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