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How to Bring Beige Walls to Life

There’s no doubt that beige walls are classic; but they do have a bit of a reputation for being boring. Below you will find a few tips with ideal color pairings that could help you bring your beige space to life!

RED – shades of red from crimson to burgundy generally look splendid against beige – the important thing would be to match warmth of a red with the calming effect of beige. Chairs, toss pillows, a vase can make your room come to life.

Sea-glass green and sky blue – you can’t go wrong with sandy beige paired with cool blues and greens. It makes a space look simple and serene like a day at the beach.

Raspberry and tangerine – a HOT pairing with nothing boring about it! These fun colors will make a space feel more sophisticated and grown-up – ideal for a kid’s bedroom.

Black and White – with beige is a more interesting palette and elegant. Not as stark and drastic. Creating beige walls with crisp white trim and dark floors brings richness to a room.

Coffee and cream – think of your favorite coffee with hues of brown – contrast is the key to success. Be sure to include colors that are both lighter and darker than your wall color.

Gold and green – grass green and gold make a lovely companion to beige walls. Accent colors on fabric, a classic gold trip mirror or lamp shade accent – all ideal ways to decorate with beige walls.

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