2023 Connecticut Home Remodeling

Home Renovation Trends in Fairfield, CT for 2023

As 2022 draws to a close, the design trends from the pandemic haven’t dissipated. Instead, they shifted and magnified, becoming the new normal. Home renovation trends in fairfield during the pandemic, you likely noticed how decor trends combined minimalist modernism with a flair for natural wilderness. While these two interior designs take up opposite ends of the home-decor spectrum, they blend beautifully when crafted by skilled, forward-thinking innovators. 

If you want to reimagine your home’s interior, consider the following 2023 home renovation trends in Fairfield, CT. You deserve a post-pandemic touch-up for your Connecticut house to bring its modern beauty forward. These trends will provide aesthetic pleasure as well as ingenuity to your experience at your Fairfield home. 

#1 Sustainable Home Design

Predictions for 2023 home renovation trends in Fairfield, CT show that most homeowners will integrate eco-friendliness into their home design. Sustainable materials such as bamboo, cork, and linoleum will come forward as preferred options for furniture and flooring. Sleek, hermetic doors and windows will improve energy efficiency. You’ll discover myriad options to improve the sustainability of your house.

These changes harken a new respect and love for nature that expands into other elements of home design and commercial space. Nothing speaks to refined taste quite like decor that reflects eco-friendliness. Prepare for woven tapestries made from natural materials to cover walls and lush houseplants to fill corners while improving air quality. 

#2 Blush-Tinted Beige

From 2020 to 2022, you watched interior color palettes shift from cool, breezy white to earthier, creamier nude tones like beige. 2023 home renovation trends in Fairfield, CT will evolve toward shades of blush-tinted beige. This creamy, soothing palette pairs well with darker, richer shades of brown inspired by coffee or fine wood. You can also jazz up this palette with seafoam greens and blues or dusty pinks.  

#3 Bathrooms Inspired by the 80s

If you want to renovate your bathroom, 2023 is your year! Bathroom designs will shift towards a spa-like layout with sumptuous jewel tones and gold trimming. Treat your bathroom redesign like a personal work of art. Use sleek stone tiles combined with modern tubs and showers. 

Decorate with generous paintings and shimmering accents in royal blue, deep purple, and sparkling red. Design a space where you can take a mini-vacation each day. You can even make a bold statement with a luxurious velour accent chair. In 2023, bathrooms no longer follow the decor rules of yesteryear. 

#4 Mindful Design

2023 home renovation trends ask you to look inward and reflect. How would you map out each room to enhance your mental health? What do you need for daily de-stressing? 

Consider each of these questions as you brainstorm about upcoming renovations. The New Year hallmarks a more personal shift in home design. Subtle, subdued colors create serenity. Soft, natural fibers bring out your vulnerability. 

The emphasis on mental health and retreat shows a shift in modern consciousness. If kitchen islands benefit your cooking method, you need a kitchen island. If symmetry in your bedroom promotes a better night’s sleep, create a symmetrical layout. Make your space work for you. 

#5 Bringing Nature’s Touch Indoors

Earlier, we mentioned the trend toward eco-friendliness in home renovations. Along with the sustainable design, you’ll notice an aesthetic shift that brings nature indoors. Furnishings not only consist of renewable materials, but they also reflect colors and patterns represented in nature. Use indoor plants with animal prints alongside subtle earthy colors for a touch of bold, natural beauty.

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